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What Happens After We Die, Dame Wotta Tripp?


What Happens When I Die, Dame Wotta Tripp?


Where Do We Go To After We Die, Wotta? Will it be Horrible?  


Wotta Tripp gets asked that same old question down through the centuries! 


Well, for most of us, the answer is simple. We go on holiday!  


A Bit of Death 

Yes, dear readers, it's true. After your contract is up here, nearly all of you will be able to go on holiday to a wonderful place that you already know and love but have gone and forgotten about for the duration of your present lifetime on Earth. 


And a good thing, too. If you were able to remember where you live in-between these tiresome 3D lives, you would also remember all the other people that you know and knew who are not present with you here on planet Earth right at this moment. 




Then you would remember all your 'past' and 'future' lives, whatever worlds they might be taking place in. There are probably many thousands of them. You would also simultaneously realize that time as you thought you understood it, just before you understood clearly that it didn't exist, doesn't exist, and never really has. 


In the same instant you would grasp that the you that you thought was all of you, was really only a small aspect, a facet, of a much bigger you, a you that seems to have been keeping a lot of things from you


You would also understand that there are many dimensions, and life is constantly expanding, infinitely, all in the same spot, at the same time, interconnected completely in all its unknowable parts, as God experiencing life at a holographic level through all of creation, including your good self, and that you have been given free will.  


Well, you have free will up to a point and within the laws of our quantum reality, but that gives us all the scope we will ever need to eventually experience a quantum leap in consciousness and evolve back into...God. Hello, You! 


Meanwhile, try and enjoy the epic journey. 


At any rate, upon making all these realizations your brain would not find the programs installed that would enable you to process such a huge influx of information cycling through it all at once. You would suffer a melt-down type of overload and be unable to cope at all. 


This is the basic reason that we think we 'don't know' who, where and why we are. It's only temporary, and a bit like being in quarantine. In reality we are multidimensional beings who are quite used to navigating many other worlds successfully. 


Every night when you go to sleep, a similar process occurs to the one you experience when you 'die'. Your astral body separates temporarily from your physical body, using one of the many techniques that is available for its successful ejection, but remaining attached to your sleeping form by a silver cord.  


Some people seem most ungainly and comical when witnessed attempting to get out smoothly, possibly the same people who never seem to be able to park properly while awake.  


People often transfer their consciousness to this other handy astral vehicle, and then off they fly at the speed of thought, some of them going about more salubrious business than others. 


That's because some of you, my dear and discriminating readers, are more salubrious than others.




What a Waste of Time! 

A Scary Business 

There's no doubt that the thought of their own or a loved one's mortality terrifies some people half to death anyway. If we could recover the collective years that people had spent worrying about death over the millennia, we would all have a lot more time to share out.  


And all of this paranoia was entirely for nothing. Wotta Tripp admits that the act of dying itself can sometimes be a bit painful, but that's happening here on Earth.  


It's a consequence of experiencing embodiment in the third dimension and arriving at the particular coordinate point on the Gaming Board of Life where there is a an abrupt interruption made by the sudden appearance of death, whether dressed tastefully in the traditional black hooded robe or not. 


As soon as you die the pain stops. And quite frequently, little or absolutely no pain accompanies the act of dying itself.  




Death occurs over a longer period of time than most people think. Many people are literally in two worlds at once for hours as the physical process slowly proceeds.


Some people seem to be in two worlds most of the time anyway, away with the fairies, and it will all seem quite normal to these strange souls, and of course their family and friends will notice little difference in their behaviour.

Those in the process of passing over often see and interact with family members and medical staff who are with them physically during the dying process while at the same time being able to see relatives and other loved ones who have already 'died' and who have now arrived, often in a group and with numerous excited pets who have also previously died accompanying them, all eager to greet the person in extremis as they finally shuffle off their aching, painful and poorly-adapted mortal coil. 


Wotta Tripp declares, "What a very great relief!" 




Beware - A Dangerous Life!


Far Easier to Die 

Life is dangerous, not death and it is nearly always easier to die than to be born. 


Being born is a painful and exhausting business, and often constitutes the very first trauma of the soul aspect's new life, inflicted upon it by the struggle to exit the birth canal, where it is apparently being crushed to death in a vice-like grip. 


Unfortunately, the second trauma is frequently caused when the faces of two or more of the parents hove into view in front of the helpless infant for the first time. There is the sudden conscious realization and remembrance of who it is they have been born to.  





It's a very big shock as they lie there helpless, remembering the other lives that were shared with these possibly insane people who have now apparently become their brand new parents. 



This is naturally accompanied by a terrible sinking feeling as the poor babe, after seeing who he or she is stuck with and instantly forgetting that the choice was made quite eagerly, less than a year ago, when feeling happy and optimistic on the other side, thinks: "Oh, no! Not them again!


No wonder the tiny mouths open wide and wail when facing the chilly, overly-bright and noisy torture chambers that are today provided for women to give birth in. 


Blessedly, within a few short weeks, the memory fades and the slate of consciousness is wiped clean, removing the burden of too much information and allowing the soul in the infant body to integrate properly with its new home.  



Life Review 

This is the bit shortly after you die where you are shown a holographic movie of the life you just vacated, with certain points highlighted for special consideration along the way.  


In it you will re-live your own actions, feelings and emotions. But this time, you will also experience the feelings and emotions of every person you had any interaction with. 


This can be traumatic because you get to see exactly what affect your actions had upon others when you were dealing so harshly and strangely with them. Sobering and sad, nevertheless, this is not a punishment, just a self-assessment. 


Wotta Tripp assures you that you will be your own worst and harshest critic, and that you will not be judged by others, nor shunned, neither shall you be punished, imprisoned or made to listen to Abba.  


It might seem that this movie in which you star would be very long-winded, taking years. 


Actually it will go by fairly quickly, like a movie watched here on Earth, which may seem strange, but once you are not residing in the third dimension any longer time passes very differently. There is nothing to worry about. You will, alone or with counselling, over time decide what you next wish to do with your eternal life. 


That's it! It's a wrap! 



Going to Hell? Hell, No! 

Perhaps you feel that your sins and crimes were so heinous that you will go to the place labelled by the manipulative as 'Hell'. You will not be sent to Hell. 


You will not be punished, or burn forever in eternal damnation. It doesn't matter if you never went in a church, your spiritual evolution is not dependent on any religion. They are all man-made. Don't worry any more. 


You will never find a book signed personally by God. 


You will however find a lot of scary documents telling you what to do that have been signed by human beings who thought or pretended that they were speaking for God. 


If those deluded people were here right now churning out more rubbish (which some of them well may be), nobody would be taking any notice at all. 



His Time Was Up!Isn't it strange that often the very same people who are admonishing others: "you shouldn't speak to strangers", "don't believe everything you read", "don't trust people you don't know", "research the facts", "think for yourself" and "where's the science, logic or data to back it up?" quite frequently expect you to live your life based on numerous texts that were written hundreds, even thousands of years ago, penned by people none of us knew, with motives we couldn't begin to understand, and translated by a lot of different folks who may or may not have been trustworthy, sane or properly adequate to the task. 



Dame Wotta Tripp would like you to think about this a little bit. 


No hell or punishment awaits you, quite simply because that just isn't the way things were created to work. You are admonished, however, to remember that consequences exist for your actions, and those consequences are a completely impartial mechanism of the holographic multiverse within which we live. 


It is absolutely true that in life you get back what you put in, with the exceptions of multi-level marketing and voting. 



The Good News 

We nearly all choose to take a rest in between lifetimes, projects and assignments.  


The conditions on the other side are very good indeed. Wotta Tripp can only tell you a little bit, but it should be enough to stop you trembling every time you think of dying. 


You will still have a body, and it will be healthy and whole, with all body parts intact, even if you were coming apart at the seams when you were here on Earth. 


The standard age that people appear to be is a very healthy 30-35 years old, although it's a personal choice. So is the selection of being in a male or female body. It will be whatever you are most comfortable with. 


There is a lot more to do than there is here on Earth, and boundless health to enjoy it all with. 


You won't need money. You won't need to eat either, but you can still enjoy food if it pleases you. There is all the room you need and you can select your environment and living space. Things are built much more quickly in the upper 4th dimension. You will not have to pay for your home or its surroundings. 


There are beautiful landscapes, fields, rivers, cities, villages, sea, trees, buildings and gardens. There are birds, animals and water creatures but nothing is prey. There are no stinging, biting bugs, parasites or flies, but there are bees and many other species of friendly insects. 


You can get a job, rest, holiday, volunteer, travel, spend time with your loved ones, swim, fly (yes, fly!), paint, compose, play games, go to school, pursue your interests and passions, create, dance, research, select entertainment, read, use a computer - the options are far more varied than they are here and all the technology is sophisticated, elegant, clean, unobtrusive and based on highly advanced quantum science. 


There are no rulers, politicians, armies, police, prisons, mental institutions or Catholic or other churches and consequently no violence, no trouble and no wars.  


There certainly is gratitude and an awareness of the sacredness of life - it's just that nobody will try to control you. Your individual personal path is held to be sacred. 


You can even visit Earth to check on and help to guide and protect loved one still alive here. 


Really, it's exactly how we would like it to be here, but you won't be doing nothing, because life is for living, wherever you are. 




Stalk Your Own Death




Stalk Your Death

Dame Wotta Tripp advises you to taunt your death.


Tantalize it, stalk it and challenge it.  


This won't achieve very much, unless you are a sorcerer, but you might feel a little braver and even more comfortable with your demise, which after all, has been travelling head-long towards you from an unknown destination, and at an unknown speed, since the moment you first drew breath - again - this time around. 








It's nothing. Wave to Death cheerfully, phone him and tell him that you'll see him again when your time comes around, and tell him to have a very nice day, and then get on with turning your own life into a piece of living art that you will be mainly proud of when the time finally does come for you to review it.





You're Still Here!










 Visit Consorting With Spirits & See Real Ghosts




 Jane Tripp, Dame Wotta Tripp's much younger half-sister, is an artist and researcher. She also takes the best ghost photos in the world today.



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