A dating service for those who have inherited unfortunately unfashionable facial features due to inescapable genetic limitations.  


Do you regularly leap back from the sight of your own poor gruesomely crabbed and loathsome features in the mirror? Does the sight of your misshapen head cause people to point and stare? 


Whether you are hideously abnormal or just mildly disfigured, the cruel world will have a way of making you aware in no uncertain terms that you aren't quite up to the required standard in the looks department. 


Wotta Tripp has good news for you! We can't all be beautiful! We can't even all be passably attractive. 


Some of us are just plain ducklings with little to redeem us in the looks department, while still others are unfortunate enough to deserve the term 'unsightly'. But take comfort, because it's only true by shallow Earthly standards. 


And if this applies to you it doesn't mean that you can't make up for your hereditary misfortunes in other ways.  


Wotta Tripp is sure that you have a lot to offer, even if it's all buried deep down where the warm sunlight cannot quite reach it!  


You must simply learn to blossom in unusual ways, then other grotesques will be magnetized to you as if by magic. 


The reason for this is unfortunately more mundane than that of magic, but we'll pass over this sad fact swiftly. Put it from your minds. 





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