Draw Love To You


'Boys and girls come out to play,

The Moon doth shine as bright as day.'


Lover's Moon 




The Moon is for Lovers

The Moon has always been associated with magic, mystery and romance. Moonlight is in many ways more alluring than the light of day, partly because it has a strongly magnetic action on the psyche, especially when it is full.


The Moon


The Moon accompanies us through our darkest hours and helpfully illuminates some of the stranger night scenes playing out on planet Earth. 


Our Moon, like our Earth, is perceived to possess a feminine consciousness which many women and children are drawn to.





After all that, it may be a bit of a let-down to know the real truth about our Moon. Nevertheless, this doesn't alter its magickal uses, its gravitational pull on our Earth and the bodies on her, or the way that lovers and mystics view its presence in the night skies.



But What is the Moon Really? A Big Disappointment, That's What!

Unfortunately, our moon is not a natural one, but is instead a completely artificial and abandoned satellite, and it was placed where it is today rather a long time ago.


A relay station, it conveys energies to Earth that are deleterious to us and that serve to cause problems of which most people are unaware.


NASA - somewhere in that building is the airbrushing department.


It is sadly covered in secret bases as well as litter, particularly on its dark side.


Everywhere you cast your eye there are discarded vehicles, flags, gum wrappers, dead bodies, cigarette butts, electronic screens (some still operational), golf balls and strange, incomprehensible transparent metal structures.


Most of you would not enjoy visiting it at all. It isn't a very safe place. Mars, although not actually safe, is somewhat safer, at least underground.




The Moon and Mars both have military bases and water, but only Mars has a McDonalds outlet, housed in one of its top-secret underground bases.


This base is also equipped with five-star accommodation for the very few dignitaries allowed proprietary knowledge of and access to the not-so-red planet.


Daleks Visiting Mars


NASA are so delightfully playful and kittenish with everybody when they prevaricate, holding back important information and playing 'hide the signs of alien civilizations' with their airbrushes.


However, as far as our fake Moon (note our moon has no real name) is concerned, feel free to envision it merely as a flat and silvery disc seen regularly in the night sky when not obscured by cloud, smoke or smog.



The moon was not always lighting up our dark nights.


That is all that Dame Wotta Tripp is prepared to say. It is a good job that she is here.


It matters not, because we won't be dealing much with the physical Moon. In this instance it will serve only as a stage-prop beneath which you can allow the theatre of your romance to unfold.



A Word of Caution: tuning into the Moon is a powerful and ancient way of connecting with worrisome and alien energies. At a certain vibrational level the Moon is useful for certain works of magick and also for contact with the strange and sinister denizens of this reflective hollow shell. Wotta Tripp doubts you will need to get in touch with them, so do not try.


So we will proceed and deal for the purposes of this little lesson only with the more common magical associations of the Moon, along with some of the other energies that come into play when magic is brought into the game of love.



Love Magic



There is a lot of rubbish written about magic in general, and a very large amount indeed when it comes to the subject of love spells. 


People tend to have no real idea of how magic operates and many people say they don't 'believe' in magic, but all practising psychics agree that most of the questions they are asked by clients are in some way connected to love.




Next of course come all the money queries, but love still wins by a slim margin, although we can't of course rule out that some of these romance questions may also at some level be connected to financial issues.



Who Will You Meet?


Many people pester genuine psychics to 'bring my lover back to me', or 'make Nathaniel fall helplessly for me' and other similar selfish and needy requests.


They don't yet understand that to comply would be unethical and involve the use of black magic, so do not write to Dame Wotta Tripp, giving details of the person you are interested in, and including a sum of money and a personal item of the intended target, such as a lock of hair, a drop of blood, fingernail clippings or perhaps a signature or fingerprint.


It will get you nowhere.




But don't worry, there are other, ethical ways in which you can nudge love closer to you, and what's more you can do them all on your own.




How Does Magic Work? Not like this!


How Does Magic Work?

Magic is most effective if carried out correctly. But what exactly is it? Is it magic? Well, yes and no.


Magical work is firmly based on scientific principles that most people do not yet completely understand. It has little to do with religion or even spirituality.


It has a lot more to do with understanding the basic principles behind action and reaction at a quantum level and then putting them to work for you in the correct way.






Magic is a lot like electricity in that it makes use of an impartial energy that can be conducted and channelled through pre-selected conduits to achieve the desired end result.


Magic acts at a distance upon a target. For this it is necessary to have a link of some kind with the target.


A Photograph Can Be A Link


This link can be something very personal, such as hair or fingernail clippings belonging to the object of your affections, jewelry, clothing, bodily fluids, a fingerprint, photograph or even just the person's full name.


When a slightly greater understanding of quantum science is presented to people it will be easier for them to understand.


Much knowledge has been kept from people by those who wish to retain personal power.



And yet most of the information is still available if you search for it and learn, while developing discrimination.



Oh Dear, Can You Still Help Me, Wotta Tripp?

But you are here because you don't have the time, or perhaps even the discrimination, to go it alone, and you are not really interested in the truth, or quantum science, but only love, and you know that you can trust Dame Wotta Tripp, who has done all the work for you and now offers almost freely her most excellent advice.


'Seek and ye shall find', 'the truth shall set you free' and 'love one another' are three of the truest statements to be found in the collection of altered and misinterpreted texts that make up that large, dusty tome that over time has caused so very much trouble here on Earth for so many millions of souls.


A Dusty Tome Full Of Conflicting Data


But as a manual, it is virtually useless, having more

inconsistencies, tricks, inaccuracies, threats and downright lies than a standard government document or a pharmaceutical/bio-tech company study.


You need much more information in order to manipulate your reality successfully.


Can Magic Help Me to Find Love?

Certain rituals can enhance your chances of successfully finding love. The actions taken during the performance of these rituals serve to focus the mind.





During an act of magic the mind is influenced by many different aspects of the little ceremony, and this is achieved through the senses.


Always remember however, that your fate lies not so much in the stars as it does in your individual life choices.



Everything is Energy

It's important to understand that everything there is, whether it is living or seemingly inanimate, visible or invisible, is made up of energy which is manifesting as a separate collection of frequencies.


You Need A Target



Everything has its own unique frequency. You do. The tree outside your window does. The coffee pot and the coffee in it, the rain and wind, copper, lead, wool, rabbits - all vibrate within their own particular range of frequencies.


It's what makes them - and you - what you are.


In magic, correspondences are frequently used to help tune the work to the selected target's frequency in order to bring about the desired change or effect through resonance.









When working with magic people understand that certain things are 'in tune' and work harmoniously with each other within a common group.


These associations are used to enhance or magnify magical and mental work or meditation. It is common to use or work with the kind of associations found below during ritual practices:




·        Colours

·        Shapes

·       Astr ological correspondences

·        Music

·        Scent - Incense, herbs & oils

·        The correct element(s), i.e. Fire, Air, Water & Earth

·        Food & drink

·        Flowers & natural objects

·        Crystals, minerals and stones

·        The weather

·        Magickal objects

·        Magickal, elemental & interdimensional beings



We will look at some of these things more closely.



The Moon & Magic

The Moon is best when viewed from a distance as it reflects the light of the Sun, preferably while you are standing, sitting or lying in a pleasant spot on planet Earth.


Lovers Have Always Enjoyed The Moonlight Together


This is especially true if you are sharing the view with someone you love.


Many people find the Moon enticing and beguiling. It seems mysterious and psychics are aware of how a full moon influences psychic abilities, enhancing them.


Using the correct correspondences will also create the correct link for your love magic spells.









Moon Correspondences

In astrolgy heavenly bodies, including the Moon, have different properties and associated affinities and vibrations that correspond to substances on Earth. These are used in magical work.





Some Stones and Minerals that Resonate with the Moon:






Clear quartz






Colours that Resonate with the Moon:


Silver Zodiac Talisman        




     Tan Brown







Other Moon Associations:


Monday is the Moon's Day




     Day - Monday (Moon-day)

     Numbers - 3 and 9 

     Element - water








The Mystical Moon

The Nature of the Moon

The moon rules: emotions, women & their mysteries, intuition and psychic gifts, dreams, astral work and the astral realms. 


Magically, the moon is used in matters of protection, mental health, transformation and initiation. Love magic can also be used, or it can be performed in relation to Venus instead, using the correct correspondences.




Pisces the Fish

The chakra it relates to is the crown chakra, which is located at the crown of the head. The Moon influences the pineal gland, brain and semen. Its astrological sign is Pisces, the fish.


The phases of the moon are very important relative to the type of magical work you are planning to perform.




Below are the phases of the moon and the magical acts which they correspond to:



·       Waxing. The Moon is waxing when it is growing larger, towards fullness. This time is used for working positive (good) magic that involves love, or growth of any kind. It does not mean that the Moon has been denuded of hair..

·       Waning. The Moon is waning when it is growing smaller, back towards a tiny crescent. This is the time for spells of decrease. This could be a good time for magic which will work to lessen certain negative effects in your life, but it is also the time when darker magic is carried out. This is the kind of magic that Dame Wotta Tripp would never perform, so perhaps you shouldn't ask her to.

·       Full. The Moon's energy is at its absolute peak.

·       New. The crescent at its smallest, as it is about to cycle back to fullness once more. It is now that magic spells are cast for new projects and beginnings. Conceptions and ideas, new energy.



Venus on one of her increasingly rare visits to Earth


Venus & Love

Venus can influence such matters as love, luck, luxury goods, beauty, peace and harmony. It is also used in magic and work pertaining to healing (especially herbal), protection, intuition, the emotions, spirituality, women & their mysteries, children and small animals, fertility, marriage and finally, courage, which is necessary to cope with all the rest of it.


Venus connects to artists, poets, dancers, beauticians, gardeners and gardens among other things. 


It also governs female relatives: sisters, aunts, cousins, mothers, daughters, grandmothers and mothers-in-law.



It influences such mundane matters as home-making, decorating, cosmetics and all things domestic, including shopping. It is the main energy found in a loving, nurturing home and relates to the 'woman's touch' that turns a house into a real home. Of course, a man can embody these same energies if he wishes to.


The colour green belongs to Venus and relates to the heart chakra, which is green and pink.



An Extremely Compatible Match



The intention here is not to get everybody involved in magical work, for most of you are woefully and wonderfully unsuited for it, but to show you a few simple ways to change the energies around you and create the correct conditions in order to draw somebody compatible into your life.


This way your relationship has a much better chance of lasting for almost a lifetime.




But think carefully first!


What does compatible mean? If you are a horrible person, then who do you think you might be compatible with?




So before attempting to draw the person who is right for you closer, first have a word with yourself and see if you have any major issues that would stop a potential relationship dead in its tracks.


Serial killers, Peeping Toms, furries and people with an unhealthy interest in necromancy should leave this page now.



You Must Love Me!

 Influencing People 

Performing an act that in any way tampers with another's free will is really indulging in the dark arts, and it will draw negative energies to all concerned, and you will be the one responsible for any problems and imbalances that arise, as well as any incorrect decisions that are made by any persons involved as a result of your magical interference. Dangerous waters indeed!





I Love You!


The Correct Way to Find Love Magically

There's a right way to go about these things. Never target a specific person and attempt to magically draw them to you unless you are already in a consensual relationship that you want to make better. 



This is essentially interfering with another person's free will and no good ever comes of it all in the end. Instead, do the following:


·       Make a list of all the qualities you want in a partner. Think very carefully about this. Is your idea of heaven really a good-looking bad boy with abs of steel and a superficial personality, gentlemen? Men, women and others might consider such qualities as kindness, a sense of humour, honesty, creativity and an open, affectionate nature. They are a lot more important than good looks, although drawing up a rough outline of your physical preferences is perfectly acceptable.

·       Make a list of your interests and passions. Ideally you should share a few interests with your desired partner and perhaps a separate interest each is a good idea too.

·       Specify deal breakers, but in a positive way. For instance, if you know deep inside that someone with a snub nose, large ears and who laughs like a hyena in heat will be repellent to you, specify the qualities of a straight nose, dainty ears and a melodious and harmonious laugh, rather than saying 'no' or 'not'. Similarly, if you prefer a partner who doesn't have intimate knowledge of jail cells, rather than stating 'no crooks' in your list, write instead that you would like a relationship with somebody law-abiding, peaceful and honest. Unless, of course, you are actively seeking a partner-in-crime.

·       What are your hopes and expectations for the future domestically? It's best if you and any potential mate agree on the basics in order to maximize your chances of having a successful relationship. Do you want children? Do you want your own home? Where do you want to live? Are you a city person or do you prefer a rural environment? How do you feel about animals? Do you smoke? Do you drink or take drugs recreationally? Do you like to get out a lot? How do you feel about sports and exercise?

·       What are your hopes and expectations for the future financially? Do you have your career mapped out? Are you ambitious? Do you care about who makes more money or is more 'successful'? How do you feel about deadbeats and people who don't pay their bills and honour their debts? Where does a relationship fit in? Will you always want separate bank accounts and credit cards? Or no credit cards? What if your partner wants to go to college?

·       What are your hopes and expectations for the future spiritually? Are you religious? Spiritual? Involved in a cult? Perhaps you are a Satanist, atheist or Buddhist. Are you a spiritual person, or do you perhaps grab all life has to offer physically with hardly a thought for anything but your sensual experiences. Remember that a mismatch in such an area can spell years of misery ahead for both of you, or however many adults there are involved. At some future point there might also be children to consider. You can't meditate, for instance, in fact you can't even think, with televised sports features, revving engines and screeching children and in-laws around.



After properly assessing the situation and figuring out what it is that you really want in a love-partner you are ready to perform a little magic to brighten up your miserable and lonely sex-life.



Petals For Love Spells


Simple Little Love Spells

The spells in the next section are simple and carry no real occult threat when completed as advised. You will not be summoning spirits, not even little, easily-managed ones.


Don't even attempt summoning spirits. It would be like dialling a random number from a phone book and demanding whichever total stranger answered to come over and visit, possibly to help with chores.



If they did arrive, you wouldn't know what the heck to do with them, but they might by then have a few plans for you!



Candles can be used in simple spells


Candle Magic

Simple and effective, this form of magic should nevertheless not be attempted by anyone who has been drinking heavily or suffers from narcolepsy. Fire is more dangerous in these instances than poorly completed magical spells would be.


Because this magic spell is for drawing love and passion to you, select new, unlit red or pink candles to work with.



You might like to add a purple or violet candle as well, somewhere else in the room. Light it before you start. Violet or purple always add power to any spell, serving as a catalyst.


They are colours Dame Wotta Tripp is most fond of, along with green, yellow, orange, red, indigo and blue.


There are other colour spectrums in other worlds but it useless attempting to describe them for you. The colour 'frilla', for instance, will mean nothing to you. You would have to be there experiencing the spectrum it falls within.


Fortunately Earth colours will suffice. Perform when the moon is waxing or full (no later), on a Friday.



Gather the following items:


·       1 pink candle and a lighter.

·       A small dish of salt, water or oil to be consecrated. Rose, gardenia or geranium oil is fine. If you have no perfumed oils, use almond or even olive oil.

·       Rose or gardenia incense, plus a safe place for it to smoulder.

·       The biggest spiky thorn you can find from a rose bush. Any rose bush is OK, but if it produces red or pink roses, all the better. Perhaps get 2, in case one breaks.


Set out your items in a clean area facing East. Light your incense.


Bless the anointing oil, water or salt by placing your right hand over it and saying:


" I exorcise thee, O creature of the water (or oil, or salt)"



A Candle and Roses


Cleanse the candle of any negative energies it might have come in contact with by using the water, salt, or oil that has been blessed as follows.


Take the candle and anoint it, from the top down, with your chosen substance. Now sit or stand quietly holding your candle for a few minutes while you visualize or imagine, the desired outcome of your magic spell.


Take the rose thorn and inscribe your wish on the candle. Make sure that your wish is condensed down to a very few words or symbols, such as a heart and a few words, for example:


"Mike Hunt's love for Mona Entwhistle is eternal."



Next, light your candle while thinking of the desired outcome and reciting the following magical rhyme out loud 3 times:


"Grant me now the love I lack,

Through this candle love attract,

As it burns draw love to me,

As it burns so must it be!


Grant me a partner true and bright,

By the magic candle light,

By the magic candle-fire

Bring to me what I desire!


I welcome Love into my life!

I welcome Love into my life!

I welcome Love into my life!

So does it come to pass! "


Allow the candle to burn out naturally, but if you have to put it out at the end, snuff it out in some way, do not blow it out.


Finally, go about your business and put the spell and your desire out of your mind until the candle is burned away.



Take A Love Bath. Wash Behind Your Ears!


Take A Love Bath

Taking a magical bath is an ancient practise that often works successfully for smaller spells. It can and should be turned into an entirely pleasurable experience.


This is not a bath for the already filthy. If you are in dire need of scraping with a strigil, please shower properly prior to taking your magical bath.




First, you are going to make 'Lover's Bath Salts'.


Pre-mix the following ingredients well in a clean glass bowl, if possible using a twig from an apple tree or rose bush to do so:


·       Rose oil - 3 drops

·       Jasmine oil - 3 drops

·       Rosemary oil - 3 drops

·       Almond oil - 2 tablespoon

·       Coriander seeds - 1 tablespoon

·       Epsom salt - 1½ cups

·       1 tablespoon sea salt

·       Red food coloring - 3 drops

·       Pink, red or white rose petals if desired



Bathe in a Barrel Outside


Have Assembled:

·      1bath tub. You may substitute a large, clean barrel if you are performing the bathing ritual outside.

·       Your love oil.


Fill your clean bath-tub with nice warm water and pour in your 'Lover's Bath Salts'. Get in the tub. Make sure you are naked. Stay in the tub for at least 20 minutes.


In this time you must submerge yourself 3 times, and before each submersion recite the following meaningfully, and it's even better if your bathroom has a compelling echo:


Empower the water with my spell,

the one I love, bewitch him (her) well,

*Travis! Travis! Travis!

As water covers all of me

So love is born inside of thee,

I am the only one you see.

As I have spoken, so must it be!


*Here you substitute the name of the one you desire, as though addressing them. If you do not have a name, substitute "My Lover!" 3 times.


Make sure that in that time you submerge yourself 3 times fully for a few seconds. All of you should be underwater. Don't breathe.


You should be picturing the successful outcome of your spell for the entire time you are in the tub.


When done, get out of the bath and if possible allow yourself to air-dry. If you can't, just wrap a towel around yourself and don't get dressed for 15 minutes or so. The spell is done.





Grow A Tree of Love


Grow A Love Tree

The principle behind this spell is that once a young plant, or seeds, are planted and dedicated to a particular purpose, that as they grow and are nurtured by you, so will your desires be magically brought to pass.


A slow spell, this is the one to try out if you want to develop a meaningful relationship over time.


First you must select the plant you wish to grow.


You can choose a plant that you are fond of and plan to grow it inside, preferably in your bedroom.




Before you purchase or dig up your plant, which should be a seedling, prepare a plant pot. A pink, red or purple one would be appropriate. You can hand paint one, adding symbols of love, and if you are already in love, perhaps the name or initials of the one you love underneath or on the side of the pot.


Make sure the pot has good drainage. For the spell to work the plant must grow and flourish. You must lavish attention on it as though it embodied your love.


Go and fetch your plant and don't forget potting soil. If you can, get a handful of pink and red rose petals, fresh or dried.


Get a clean piece of paper. and a pen with red or purple ink and write the following magical rhyme on it:


This plant I dedicate to love's sweet fire,

Love grows apace as plant grows ever higher,

This spell I bind in stalk and root,

Love strengthens now with each new shoot,

As leaves unfurl toward the sky

Be sure our love will never die.

The roots bind fast my love to me,

Our love is true, so must it be!


Now it's time to plant your seedling. Put an inch or two of earth into the pot. Fold your written spell three times and place it on top of the earth. Next, fill the pot ¾ full and plant the seedling carefully. Add a bit more earth and pat it into place around the little plant.


Finally, get 2 cups of pure water in a jug. Sterilize a needle and pierce the tip of the ring finger of your left hand. Squeeze 3 drops of blood into the water. Water your new plant as you recite the following:


Grow, and as you grow, so grows love

As I care for you, plant, care for me,

As you grow, so grow his (her) love for me,

We grow together, and so must it be! 


Place your plant ally near to where you sleep, but where it can get proper light exposure. Water it and feed it the appropriate plant food, and once a month feed it three more drops of your blood in water as you recite the spell. Talk to the plant frequently and show it affection, care and respect. Expect love to grow.



Love Omelet


The Love Omelette

This handy breakfast spell is for romantics on the run and possibly even people who are late for work.


This spell is performed at the stove. Assemble your ingredients first. You will need everything you would normally like in your omelette.


Get out your pan and prepare to cook.




First, take 2 eggs (2 only, unless there are actually three people included in your love spell - this is not the time for greed), a red or pink felt pen and a small bowl.


Write your name on one egg and the name of your prospective love on the other. Wait a couple of minutes as you imagine yourself in a loving and satisfying relationship with this person. 


If you are looking to find the right person, write 'the best love partner for me' on the egg instead of a name. 


 Take the egg with your name in your right hand (reverse this if left-handed).

 and the one representing a lover in your left. Tap them together lightly twice, then tap them together again a third time, only this time you must do it hard enough that both eggs crack together. You might like to perform this part over your bowl.


You are now going to empty your eggs into the bowl and whip them up together with some salt and pepper if desired, while reciting the following magical rhyme 3 times:


"As these eggs blend to make my meal,

So a love pact it does seal!"


Now tip the eggs into a ready hot pan and make your omelette or scramble them if desired. As they cook recite the following magical rhyme 3 times:


"Eggs cook together in one pot,

Now with me my love throws in his (her) lot!"


When your meal is ready, and you have your toast and morning tea, coffee or scotch, go ahead and eat it, and as you enjoy it think of the kind of love you would like to share with the right person.


When you are finished recite the following magical rhyme 3 times: 


As these goodly eggs do nourish me,

So they do nourish love and passions ignite!

So send love now on eager wings to me,

I welcome it with open arms, so must it be! 


The spell is complete.



Doll of Love


Doll of Love

This handy poppet will send love winging your way. Make a little doll. You can sew one or make one out of wood, clay, wax or even polymer clay. 


This doll represents your lover, whether or not you actually know them yet. Make an open box that you can lay the doll in and put in a safe place, facing South.


Line the box with red or pink fabric. Write the name of your desired lover across the doll's back. If there is no name yet, write "My Lover" instead.


Rub the entire doll lovingly with rose water or rose oil. Massage it in. Put the doll into the prepared box.



Mix together a ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon powder, a ¼ teaspoon of ginger powder and a ¼ teaspoon of capsicum pepper with some dried, powdered red rose petals.


Take a sharp pin or needle and plunge it into the area of your doll that corresponds to the heart while reciting:


As this needle pierces my true love's breast with fire,

Ignite in him (her) irresistible desire,

In his (her) dreams let him (her) see only me,

Draw true love to me now, so must it be!


Now sprinkle the spicy mixture over the doll while reciting:


Fiery hot, fiery red,

ignite his (her) heart and turn his (her) head,

Fiery sweet, fiery red,

Bring my lover to my bed.

So it must be!


Soon your love and you will be together. 


Please Note: be careful to complete this spell properly. Wotta Tripp has heard reports of several people receiving in the mail items that she believes are known as 'blow-up' dolls. This is not the end result that the spell seeks. Spells are very precise. Don't attempt them if you cannot follow instructions.




Magical Moon Vibrations


Surround Yourself With the Magickal Vibrations of Love

Immerse yourself in everything to do with love as much as you can. This will keep your subconscious mind constantly bathed in the radiance of love and romance.


Think about all the different types of love, and try and demonstrate the appropriate type to all the life-forms you meet. Wear pink, peach, red or purple a lot.


Write your own perfect love story. Fill your house with flowers. Use romantic scents and incenses.





 The Food of Love



Remember to include music in your rituals and everyday life. It's a great aid in the art of visualizing. You can use it to set the scene in your love-nest after your spell works. Choose wisely. Bagpipes are rousing, but not in the boudoir.


Read love poetry. eat foods that remind you of love and romance. Watch romantic movies. Help other people to find love. Forgive people. Mend and build new bridges.


All of these things will help draw sweet love into your life.






Visualize Your Sweetheart




Visualization certainly will help move you towards your goal faster.


Spend time every day picturing yourself happy, healthy and in a fabulous, loving relationship. 


Visualization is one of the primary tools in the magicians occult tool-kit. Indeed, Dame Wotta Tripp is herself an accomplished visualizer.





At the end of this helpful article is an invisible but well-designed spell. It has been created so that when your spell works for you, you will send Dame Wotta Tripp a thoughtful gift.


She is very partial to both marzipan and 'Victory V' cough lozenges, as well as purple luxury items.




Finally Together






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